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I absolutely HATE it when conservatives try to relate the death penalty to being pro- choice for a couple of reason: 

1. A government can’t teach a civilization that killing is wrong by killing people. That’s like a parent telling their kid not to smoke while they’re smoking a cigarette.

 2. Pro-choice is not a matter of being pro-life or anti- life because it’s not my decision to choose how other women would like to live their life, ever. It should never be my decision nor should it be yours. The opposite of pro- choice is anti- choice meaning that conservatives want to take away a woman’s FREEDOM (a word they so proudly throw around when anyone wants to make it a little harder to obtain a weapon) of choice! Choice meaning CHOOSING THE WAY THEY WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIFE! You can’t be mad at a woman because she made a choice not to have a child. Making a woman have a child and bringing that child into this world is sick and cruel punishment and in my opinion is too intrusive and is quite honestly disgusting. OH and what were to happen if that child were a murderer… oh then you’d want it dead,  6 FT under, with no real punishment. 

That’s enough of that rampage! && I’m on to the next!

“We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are and must remain separate.”

Ronald Reagan

If he could get it conservatives today should get it!


Are conservatives REALLLLY just now worried about the government monitoring calls? I mean good gracious where have they been for the past 10+ years? In 2001 they had no problem supporting Bush with the patriot act and now that Obama is implementing it, it’s a huge deal. Like what the hell? He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t! Now I am not saying by any means that I support the monitoring at all, but let’s just be real… I’m sure we are all tired of TEAPUBLICANS HATING ON OBAMA FOR SOMETHING THAT THEIR POLITICAL PARTY CAME UP WITH!!

Preach! I love when I see pictures like this! 

Preach! I love when I see pictures like this! 

This is  sadly true about this country and if anyone denies this then they probably haven’t read a textbook or watched the history channel… ever!


This is  sadly true about this country and if anyone denies this then they probably haven’t read a textbook or watched the history channel… ever!

I really love this quote! What do you guys think about it?

I really love this quote! What do you guys think about it?

Bill Maher is amazing

Conservatives are like “mandate: I don’t like that it sounds too gay.”








Some of the most iconic photos of our history. Seeing them in color makes it even more surreal.



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It’s as if these were taken yesterday.

i’m sorry but history in colour, guys.


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War On Christmas

      This so called “War on Christmas” is ridiculous. Christians need to stop getting so mad about a Christmas with out Christ being as how the “Christian” Christmas traditions aren’t true “Christian” traditions at all… They are Pagan. When the wise men gave gifts they gave them to Jesus not each other. So all of you fundamentalists need to stop preaching about Christmas because you can’t even get your own religion right. Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 he was born in the fall. Feasting is a form of gluttony which is a sin. Spending to much money is actually a sin. And not giving all of your money to the poor is actually a sin too. So instead of giving your rich Christian friends gifts invest in spending it on the poor and devoting yourself to your Christ. It’s a good thing all of us Atheist are Christ like at all that means we can celebrate Christmas all we want! And yes I did just use the Christian religion against their own followers because I’ll say it again they can’t even get their own religion right!

Straight but not Narrow

    I am still confused as to why people are so against marriage equality. Honestly, if it doesn’t ruin your marriage or your life then what is the point of fighting against it so much?! People who are fighting against marriage equality receive no personal gain from others suffering. And yes they are suffering. Suffering the right to be together as a family, going out in public getting glares with people telling them they are going to “Hell.” Doesn’t the Bible say “Love thy neighbor?” Yes it does. That doesn’t translate “Love thy neighbor except homosexuals” it means “Love thy neighbor.” I understand it is against the Christian religion but so is tattoos, shellfish, wearing multiple fabrics, women speaking, and interracial marriage. Don’t judge other people “sins.” And I wish there was someone who could argue against marriage equality without including the Bible… that will never happen. So for me: I fight for those that don’t have the RIGHT to marry!


Goodness, the other day in political science we were talking about the detainment wars. Where America fought to stop the spread of communism. Well, I was saying that instead of fighting to spread our democratic seeds why don’t we fight for humanitarian reasons? I mean it only makes sense right? And so the republican sitting behind me was like “do you know what communism does?” And of course I do! It makes the people poor and sickly, I understand that! But our military killed so many civilians in those countries that his argument is hardly sustainable. So I stated that there shouldn’t be war if we’re just spreading our seeds. Like in the Middle East, we fought over there for their democracy but in actuality we went against their religion. What if they came over here and did that to us? Making us practice certain parts of their religion because we took away parts of theirs. America is just power hungry and we can’t even afford it. It’s embarrassing that we can’t stay out of others’ business for to long and it quite frankly just rattles my brain that others don’t understand that!